What is Financial Planning and What is Bell Financial Planning

Hello Everyone. My name is Brent Bell and I am a Financial Advisor and the owner of Bell Financial Planning. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (CFP® Professional), I have a Master’s Degree in Personal Financial Planning, and I provide Comprehensive Financial Planning. Many individuals masquerade as a Financial Advisor or Financial Planner that provide you with a simple financial plan, but only a select few have the credentials that I have to provide you with a quality Comprehensive Financial Plan.

That being said, I wanted to take the time to explain the biggest question I get asked. What is Financial Planning and what is it that I do? This is a great question and a question that could differ from each advisor that you ask. To avoid any confusion, I like to flip it around and ask people what exactly it is that they think I do.

Do You ONLY Provide Investment Advice?

The biggest misconception is that I only provide investment advice and that financial planning is just another mechanism or ploy thrown around to provide the same service by investment advisors with a new marketing twist. That simply isn’t so.

Investment advice can be the main reason that clients seek my services, and although Investment Management is an important aspect of what I do, it is only a portion of the services that I provide. If your advisor is only providing you with investment advice than it may be time to seek an advisor that provides you with more.

I Don’t Need Another Calculator Estimating My Retirement Income

Another misconception is that I am going to provide a quick calculation with a couple inputs that tells someone when they can retire and how much income they can expect to live off of during retirement and that’s it.

Again, this is only a small portion of the services that I provide. A lot of this is a quick and easy tool investment advisors use to gather information from clients to see how large their portfolio is with the emphasis being on investment management services and moving your portfolio over to their firm to be managed by them.

Yet Again, if your advisor is only providing you with investment advice than it may be time to seek an advisor that provides you with more.

The Bell Financial Planning Experience

My goal is to have a relationship that is beyond the ups and downs of the market and to provide an experience that delivers value by providing a comprehensive financial plan that works smarter and more congruently to withstand and roll with the punches that life throws at us. This entails working with you to develop a personalized comprehensive plan will consist of such areas as the basic financial plan that outlines the fundamentals and foundation of your comprehensive financial plan, this is in addition to cash flow management, retirement planning, investment management, tax planning, insurance, estate planning, and charitable gifting. As you can see that is way more than just investment management and a quick retirement projection.